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Children of the Magy÷n

A section dedicated to Goblyns of Wysfńll and elsewhere : their life, their history, their behavior or their political system, everything about Goblyns !

- Goblyn behavior

Goblyns are pacifist people, very diplomat, and much superior to most of peoples of Lands of Sa´han, made exception, maybe, of Daronoans.
Created by Sharras, demigoddesses of Nature, they are in osmosis with the world which surrounds them, and are capable of adapting themselves with harmony to all landscapes which they cross and in all animals which they meet.

That they are peaceful inhabitants of forests, serene and contemplative nomads in deserts, or diplomats and wise enlightened men in the Cyclopean cities of the maze of Wysfńll, goblyns are humanoids friendly and attentive to laws of balance.

They master since centuries arts of the forge, and have made a hobby the art of war and fight. Their intelligence, their strength, their patience and their application made them best fighters and smithies of all Sa´han, envied by Daronoans themselves, nevertheless widely considered for their armory masters.

Goblyns respects a lot other tribes and civilisation of Sa´han, and knew how to keep a careful and economically interesting distance with other nations of lands extending in the North of the Labyrinth of Channels. Goblyns are accommodating, but secret people. We can easily reach their cities in mountains, and their villages in the desert offer hospitality to all travelers, but nobody was ever able to uncover their secret, or to learn their arts without their consent.

But goblyn people are split into a multitude of faction, each allied in a harmony and an incredible synergy, but having often very different behavior. So, if their pacifism is unanimously recognized, everybody also knows that a goblyn city is as opened as their forests are closed.
Moreover, it does not really depend on goblyns, but more on Sharras, which are the primary guards of places which nobody can see and walk through without a severe motive.
Goblyns, them, contented themselves with populating the inhospitable parts of the country of Wysfńll and of deserts of Sa´han, where nobody else than creatures in agreement with hostile nature can survive.

Few people tried to face goblyns, because if first victories are generally easy, attackers always learn fast, at their expense, it is necessary to first face their legions of creatures and monsters, before having to confront with one of the most trained and well equipped armies there is on Sa´han, where goblyn dexterity, discipline and courage become quickly legendary, and their enemies quickly forgotten.

Besides, the goblyn nation so shine on north half of Sa´han that it would be necessary to be very clumsy to split oneself from such a commercial and philosophic interlocutor, because there's a lot to gain by agreeing with goblyns, and they proved many times that a long-lasting and respectful peace was more profitable for everyone than a wild war, especially since the Great Trivurges Invasions, which left for a long time the north half of Sa´han divided and pale.
It was moreover only thanks to the alliance of people trained by goblyns that trivurges were repelled beyond Wysfńll and the Gastńn Sea.

Since the beginning of the War of Vengeance, nevertheless, the peoples allied to gobelyns discover with bewilderment that the attraction strength of Sharras can annihilate in them any soothing feeling, and push them to a war of fury where it's better to be on their side than on victim of their madness one. All goblyn nation became nervous, and quick in the anger as in the violence, and all their allies ask many questions and concerns as for the future of Sa´han and its inhabitants, if such a bloodthirstiness is not quickly calmed...

- Mythology

The privilege of Goblyns on other peoples is that their memory is eternal.
Bound to Sharras, themselves bound to Magy÷n, they cannot really ignore their ancestry, because it is contained in rocks and millennium trees, in the air and in the water, in dry lands as on the fertile areas.
Without being an immediate, complete and clear knowledge, there is still many Sharras or Goblyn Venerables to testify of what is the Genesis of their people...

It is necessary to go back to early times of the exodus of the Rakelins, the First-Bloods, under the commandement of Great Ancients.
While Arkady arrived hardly within sight of what would later be called Lands of Sef, the Four already walked the future Lands of Sa´han, as guardians of the natural sanctuary abounding in life that were these lands.
They were called the Uncreated, although Arkady had for their sister the name of "Elf ", upon her arrival in these parts of the country.
They had nothing to do with what would be, eons later, elvish nations, and were more almost divine, secret and silent Powers, travelling through trees, earth and water, like anyone would walk on loose ground.
They were in communion with the Magy÷n, and when Trivurges and other maleficients ones accumulated in the distant North and everywhere else, they knew their sanctuary in danger.

Anticipating the misfortune which came down, later, on their sister Isayel, They created Sharras of the nothingness, and rocked them tenderly in the streams of allmighty Magy÷n. They taught them certain Secrets of Harmony, and the Dances of Forges, entrusting them the priesthood of the Sylve shepherds and the wild guarding of this sanctuary of Life.
To the first Queens among them, they taught the song of Magy÷n, this stream of inviolable words containing all mysteries of the Creation.
They carried out the Ceremony of Vocalization in its presence, for her first time, and for their last one.
Diving entirely into Magy÷n, she asked her question, and pulled out of It these two unique syllables: Sa´han.
So these lands received their name, while the Four went away to watch over their sister in agony, while Arkady disappeared, and while in the North, Trivurges gathered, again, to break out one day on all these parts of the country...

And Sharras made their work, and gave birth by whole waves on Sa´han.
They guarded the will of the Uncreated, and led with ardour and wisdom the chant of the Magy÷n in its most diverse expressions, in fauna and exotic springing flora over wild lands.
And in the North, in the immense loose and labyrinthic stones which formed a natural barrier enclosing Lands of Sa´han, they created Goblyns...
Goblyns, warriors and poets, soldiers of the Magy÷n, sentinels of eternity, the glance for ever turned northward. Goblyns were created "to defend", for ever, weapons in hand, courage in soul, and determination at heart.
And as far as goblyn memory goes, they never failed their task.
They pushed away the first and the second Trivurge invasion, when sons of Arkady had to gathered on the Molo´b Wall and paid it a more heavy toll.
They overcame the Big Invasion of Amecysthes, when they had to pursue their opponent under every rock, and in every stone of Sa´han.
They defeated the Uncountable Troops during the War of Dragonflies, and survived all its fallout.
And they are always there, through all ages of Doyran, tireless and zealous guards, prodigy of war arts and indomitable opponents.
Always, Sharras stayed up the Nature and the Magy÷n.
Always, Goblyns repelled invasions and made Life and Harmony reign as masters over Sa´han.

So continued their History, while Gobelyns prospered and multiplied on all Lands of Sa´han, and while Sharras pursued their arcanic and enigmatic rites in depths of ancestral forests, waiting for the hypothetical return of their Creators, demigoddesses guiding fates of this world...

- History

- The Sharras Circle

- SigisbÚes

Goblyns were often at war: whether it is by because of a rough invasion come from the outside or by political fates of the unlimitedness of their empire, it is not rare that the goblyno´de nation has to raise weapons.
However, there are wars too big to be brought to a successful conclusion by goblyns themselves. Sometimes, as during the Great Trivurge Invasions, came from the North, or since the total degeneration of the conflict against Daronoans, goblyns have to call to Sharras to help them.
Sharras are of wild warriors, and have an influence and a quite-infinite power on Lands of Sa´han, but scale of certain conflicts require more radical means.
Too few, they cannot be everywhere, and cannot rest on goblyn armies and commanders only. These last ones are mortal creatures, originally, and there are limits which they cannot exceed, in inhumanity and brutality. Their too much refined essence cannot be resolved in some warmongering extremities.

So Sharras sounds the Horn of Nashwńn, in the depths of their emerald Wood of Rustles. In the inmost depths of those secret, fathomless and unknown places, are then enticed some of the strongest goblyn warriors, for their transformation into SigisbÚes.
We ignore exactly what happens there, only dark and terrible rumours leak from it. It is said that the essence of goblyns is dipped back into the maelstr÷mm of Magy÷n, where Sharras transforms it into something else, something worst.
All the blackness of obscurne is mixed with it, as well as wild powers of Sharras. It is said that the most ancient Sharra inserts into the primal harmony of goblyns the soul of an ancestral fauniarque, and of other mad monsters, in a melting pot of pure and glorified violence.

SigisbÚes that leave the wood of Sharras have unmistakably goblyn origins and appearance, but are much more than that. They are in strange agreement, or discord, with the nature which surrounds them : Magy÷n seems to claim their physical being as its own, as they should be a part of Sa´han landscape more than living and walking beings.
Roots of trees come to climb on them when they stop moving in forest, crazy branches growing visibly under their togas.
Their skin seems to be transformed into rock when they sit down one moment on a stone, and cracks appears in it after a matter of seconds.
Sand flow undefinitly from their clothes when they walk in deserts, nobody knows from where.
Brooks of running water raise of the ground under their feet, if they approach too much rivers.
Leaves and fairies swirl constantly around them, and their veins contain more sap than blood.

Their presence is then impressive, overwhelming, for goblyns and fauna of Magy÷n. All creatures, monsters and mystic beings can perceive the arrival of a SigisbÚe from miles around, and have a great deal of difficulty in not complying to their slightest desire, and with their silent ferocity.
The anger smoulders constantly in the black heart of SigisbÚes, and eats themselves for ever, as their deep nature. Everywhere they go, they have no respite in fight until the complete destruction of their enemies, and can only disappear in dust once the peace returned.

But SigisbÚes are above all commanders : they are there to serve as relays with Sharras, and to spread the war among the fauna of Magy÷n, to urge all warriors to take weapons, in unlimited conflicts where their predatory instincts, but soldiers and accomplished strategists are the only ones to lead the dance of death.
Strange fact : SigisbÚes never fights themselves. Overwhelmed by the fury of their essence, they are fairly incapable to use their body in combat, as a mortal is incapable to move only one of its muscles at once : armies which surround them act as their bodies. A SigisbÚe does not stretch out his arm, he makes charge a hundred soldiers. SigisbÚe does not breathe, it is his dozens monsters that breathe for him.
They irradiate the hatred and spread the sadness, but are nevertheless more fragile than a reed.

Nevertheless, very skillful would be the one who succeeds in laying hand on one of them : as soon as they are physically threatened, SigisbÚes disappears in a blink of an eye, being transformed into heap of leaves, sinking straight to the bottom of a sand dune or hidding himself in a rock in a heart beat, only to reappear an instant later ten meters away, and to breathe with a simple thought a blind fury into his troops which will come to take care of foolhardy attackers...

Such are SigisbÚes, warlike princes of the Sharras and lastest guards of goblyn people...

- Living legends

Goblyns are the most vast and numerous civilisation of Lands of Sa´han. Their history is old by several millenniums, their customs are complex, and their variety incredible.
Since the beginning of the War of Vengeance, most singulars or most renowned characters among their immense nation have again, or for the first time, jumped up on the battlefront to defend the integrity and the will of spirits-faunae.
A war so bloody always has its heroes, and people so ancient, their legends...

Here are some of these mythical characters among all:

Noara Cyal´s

Venerable Noara Cyal´s is the oldest gobelyn which is, exceeding widely ten millenniums, where gobelyns rarely exceeds a century of existence. This blind oracle is one of the first goblyn War Lords, when those were operating only in the rocky mazes of the North of Sa´han, against the Trivurges invasions, after their creation by Sharras. He is also the only one to possess a two-parts name... He lives removed from fights, reigning with wisdom in the bright underground passages of Wysfńll, esteemed and honored member of the Synod of Venerables, and redoubtable strategist behind many goblyn success in this terrible and inexorable war...

General having won the terrifying title of Wyrm-Lord, FŰlsyln is an ultimate warrior, populating nightmares of Daronoans and of the most experimented Wolves. In loyal fight, it is said and thought that he could beat the High-Lord Tharoan himself, and if it did not happened yet, it is only because FŰlsyln is only little interested by strategy, and always in front of assaults, flying from enemy to enemy as a bloody dream. Inspiring the most profound admiration in goblyns as in their enemies hearts, it is often told that this prince of the Magy÷n subjects by his only military beauty, and that he would have even seduced Altara during the slaughter led up to the Golden Crown, at the very beginning of the War.

Altara is the wildest and roughest Sharras still living in the Wood of Rustles, and one of the most powerful among the Breathing Ones. It is moreover because of this that her existence is henceforth known of all her Daronoan enemies. Indeed, she was among the first one and the most murderous of Sharras to give in to the fury of vengeance during the death of their Queen, striding Stone and Soiled directly to Rorchńl, and even successing in reaching, fighting and harming the Crimson King himself ! Bitter and vindictive survivor of this first confrontation, she finds henceforth no more rest in Secret AŰwills, and her rage knows no limit...

Unique fact in all goblyn history, SulimfŰn is an independant goblyn governor, rebelling himself from the yet respected and luminous hegemony of the Synod to build is own empire, in the East of Sa´han Lands, beyond Cristal Mountains. Fighting against everyone, if his empire hold on until today, it's because of the incredible strenght and will power of SulimfŰn. Untameable governor, genius strategist, accomplished warrior, no skill lacks him to keep his isolated and autarkic realm at flows, and to protect his strange community that he was able to rally to his singular cause, far in dark ices of the East...
In-game effect : (cf) act as steward for all castles in sector, and +10% builder In-game effect : (cf) allied unit are considered having +30 Xp In-game effect : (cf) critic at 5 for all allied units In-game effect : (cf) -0.1 Glory point to enemy at each attack, +3 Val/Dom/Def to all units.

- The Enlighted Dominion

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