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Game background

  • Second song
    • story of the game continue, the war is now raging, and wolves join the dance !

  • Third song
    • each day bring its dead, but new mysteries rise on the horizon....

  • Basics
    • basic concepts of the universe, meaning what you better know before talking about background ^^

  • Global map
    • the global map of Lands of Saïhan, in order to localise yourself in this vast universe...

  • Units
    • descriptions of all game units ! Surely the bigger piece of information about Saïhan universe ^^

  • The court of the Crimson King?
    • All about Daronoans !
      • Daronoan behavior
      • Mythology
      • History
      • The Golden Crown
      • High-Lords
      • Lyre-Knights
      • Daronoans baronies
      • Raîcklings
      • Eagle barony

  • Children of the Magyön
    • All about Goblyns !
      • Goblyn behavior
      • Mythology
      • History
      • The Sharras Circle
      • The Synod of Venerables
      • Sigisbées
      • Living legends
      • The Enlighted Dominion

  • Packs of Burvorg
    • All about Wolves !
      • Wolf behavior
      • History
      • The Packs
      • Wolves women
      • Vorgeans
      • Living legends


  • Valarian
    • the french text which this game come from (same author/creator !) ^^ The context is far from what it became (except for the location of the battle), so we could talk about a "first Age", so distant from our era of play than even the Rahn castle stones turn to dust. But it stays fun to read and imagine.

  • Lands of Sef
    • when I create this game, I wanted to anchor it on an existing universe. One of mine, of course : welcome the Lands of Sef ! This french text is a (very) short extract from a saga about those countries, located in the East of Saïhan Lands, but can give a taste of what "genesis, Saïhan way" is. Don't ask me what Rakelin could have given birth to Saïhan, I have no idea for the moment !

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