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Second song : "The Great War of our time..."

War of Vengeance led by Gobelyns continued, and new peoples took part one by one in the conflict...
Of major conflict, we reach a total conflict, every people playing its political alliances or cultural bounds to spread still and always more slaughters and battles, until all Lands of Sa´han seems to be burned in fire rivers of the Song of Death

Forgotten creatures rise out deepest forests and most hostile mountains. Evil spells which we did not even whisper any more came back to haunt nightmares of those still alive. CarnÔan WŘrm fills the sky of thunderstorms of blood and flash of desperate lightning. Legends of Destruction of the past became again a painful reality, and the future became more and more uncertain...

The world fell over little by little into violence and immoderation, without that any Respectable, High-Lord or Sharra deign to show the slightest pity, the slightest understanding. Great authorities of this distorted world seemed to put all their power to made the war worsen, without reason nor consciousness ! So much that each become afraid : was Magy÷n becoming mad ?
Could Lands of Sa´han only survive what burst out at these terrible moments ?


Those Wolves are dirty humans, brutal and boor. Agressive warriors with feodal and barbarian lifestyle, their small kingdoms shine by their architectural knowledge and siege weaponry more than by their intellectual poetry masterpieces. Airtight to soul refinement and harmony, they put their minds, pugnacity and trickery is use to achieve their overwhelming conquest thirst, in a tyrannic pack spirit. Their realms were during a long time allied to Daronoans, dominating by the raw power of elf civilisation, more advanced than their own. But with the Great War began against Goblyns, Daronoans borders weakened, and Wolves don't wait long to take advantage of this, and decide to fight for themselves instead of the Golden Crown. Daronoans lose a powerful ally and big reinforcements, but Goblyns gain a new raging enemy to fight...

You are a fierce tamer of Wolves, joining the pack of your brothers in battle, to cut yourself a slice in war treasures and a tribute of blood in corpses of your enemies. War is your law, and Death comes with you on the road of Sa´han !

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