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Holiday mode

From the menu "Options", you can configure an automatic message for your character if you go on holiday.
The Holiday mode starts and withdraws in a immediate way, because it offers no advantage in terms of game.
Indeed, this is a game of position and long siege, there is thus no interesting ways to save your armies or your castles from the enemy assaults, because it could frost in a totally unfair way whole battlelines, or allow you to respawn behind enemy lines, even giving you a way to fold up under cover without spending a single PM.

In brief, many debates about this subject gave these result : holiday mode don't offer any change in battle. It will be necessary to you to release all your armies if you do not want to find your morale at 15 % when coming back, and it will be necessary to pray so that the enemy didn't invade your current positions as well.

Concerning the messaging system, on the other hand, put yourself in Holiday mode allows your interlocutors to avoid writing you for nothing.
- The global messages of sectors, groups or factions are not any more sent to you (because obviously, you will not have time to react to it in time)
- If we try to write to you, the message " in holiday" will appear, as well as your announced date of return and your automatic message, so that your contacts know what to expect concerning your answers.
- You will have no more access to the other menus of the game, except messages (in case you could verify them sometimes).

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