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Sections :

- Map menu

The "Maps" menu allow you to establish quick and efficient strategies, with the possibility of writing messages on the top scroll, concerning the whole country or each sector in particular.
Those messages can be writtend and modified at any time by any player of your faction of rank 4 or higher.
Those messages are of course only visible by players of your faction.
In addition, legends and special points can be added on those maps, with multiple color choices. Move your mouse cursor over it to know what they talk about.
As for scroll messages, legend points can be modify, add and delete at any moment by any ally player of rank 4 or higher.

- Oneliners

The page containing all oneliners can be open by clicking on the "Oneliner" button on top of the screen, or in "Missives" menu, on the top right, above combat group informations.
Oneliners allow you to write short tences, to talk between players.
You have several oneliners : one general, one dedicated to your faction, one to your country, one to your sector, one to your battle group, and even private ones if you want.
Their confidentiality allows you to communicate without restreint for organisation and tactics.

- Combat group

You can join or leave a combat group (or battle group) at any time.
To join or create a battle group, you just have to write its name in the text field on the right, in "Missives" menu : if it doesn't exist, it will be created, if it exists, you will join it.
Of course, you can't join a battle group that is not composed of players of your faction.

Battle groups allow you to send and receive reserved messages, and to see some critical informations about your battlegroup members : last connexion, location and armies.
The "send to battlegroup" option will be shown below textfield, when writing a message and being part of a group.
You can't see battlegroup messages that was sent before you join in, nor after you left it.

Battlegroups are here only to allow you to communicate temporarily with other players, in order to coordinate around a special strategy during a short or medium period of time.
That's why a total freedom are granted to create, join and leave battlegroups.
As battlegroups are not meant to last, you can't do better than that with them, and have to handle the fact some vicious or simply clever players can try to spy on them.

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