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Multi-accounts and other rules

Here's rules about multi-accounts. Quite simple. Multi-accounts are only tolerated, with restrictions :

1) Not more than two accounts per player (anyway the game should block you, but don't try us on that)

2) No account of two different factions on the same computer (the game will block you again, either way)
If other players play on the same computer than you, or if you do several accounts, it is forbidden to mix factions.
This in order to obviously avoir spying between factions.

3) Not more than one account per battlefront and/or country of game
You can play with multi-accounts only if your accounts are geographically far from each other.
Ideally, not more than one account per country, and try to put three entire sectors of game between them, that will let you free of conscience worries. But know if anyone notice and complain about your accounts in very similar geographic places (like in two different countries, but with less than one sector of distance between them), you will be sanctionned.
The point is : if your accounts are spread with several countries of distance between them, nobody will notice you play multi-accounts, so nobody will feels bothered by your actions, and nobody will complain. Everyone at peace.
Some battlefront spread accross a lot of sectors, even countries, so don't play with words and behave, you wouldn't be the first one to be banish : most important thing is to put great distance between accounts.

4) "sitting" is now forbidden : sitting (or "pass sharing") consist in giving your password/login to someone else (friend or other player) to take care of your accounts during vacation, holidays or absence, for one day to sometimes several months. Because of repeated abuses of that, it's now forbidden, and can be sanctionned as hard as abusive multi-accounts.
Meaning that if someone is caught sitting another player, or using in some way a illegitimate account, we will not care about who did what, and who's account is that. You could end with one random accounts banished, or both of them. You wouldn't want YOUR account to be closed because you take care of a friend's account during just one night, did you ?
The responsability is on everyone who gives is log/pass or accept to be given log/pass. Be smart, avoid it.
Note : giving (definitly or not) an account to another player, or receiving an account, is considered entering in this category.

Sanctions can go from teleportation to pure and simple eradiction of every accounts of the player, banishement, or even collateral repercussion. (meaning if you get caught convincing one guy to share his log/pass with another one, you will be blame of incitation to cheat and abuse)

In addition of those written rules, there's no "by the book" excuse : automatic securities and watchers are not only stuff in this game. We do a lot of stuff "the old human way", by judging face to face what kind of people get involved in abuse, for what reason, and what they have to say about that. If you want to cheat and get away with it, you will have to outsmart and convince real humans, not just get away with some computer-brain administration. We can bend those rules as much as its needed, depending on what you do and with what spirit you do it.
Just don't try and be respectful of others players, that the only way, and its a good one.

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