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List of particles

Particles are kind of special skills, added to the name of your character.
These particles cost the same amount of XP as your next ennoblement (meaning : 250 XP if you're Rank 1, 750 XP if you're rank 3, etc...).
You can obtain one if you obtain a total victory in a country, by invading 80% of the constructible zones on the map.
You would then obtain a victory, and also 3 Points of Reward (PR), which will permit you, among other options, to buy a particle.
You can only possess one particle at a time, which means only one special skill.
The effects of this particle will be added to your usual skills (and can also cumulate those skills, if they have the same kind of effect).
You cannot drop your particle, and will keep it till the end of the game, unless you pay 3 new PR in order to pick a new one (it will replace the previous particle, which will then be lost).
The particle is placed between your Rank and your Name. For example, you'd be called "Knight Magyön Skatlan" if you pick the particle "Magyön".

Mercera : (premium account particle only) your energy in battle is renowned, and all admire your zeal: each destruction or capture of an ennemy castel brings, to you and to all of your allies on the same location, +1 Glory Point.

Richèse : (premium account particle only) ancient is your fortune, as well as its origins are unknown. In the "Forces" menu, you may transform your PM into rubies. The value is 1500 rubies gained per PM spent this way.

Vespir : (premium account particle only) you possess a dangerous knowledge of war poisons. All of your damage rolls are increased by +50% in case of fighting enemy units which aren't 100% wounded yet.

Chäsan : you are a gifted cavalery master, all of your 'Light Cavalery' units and 'Heavy Cavalery' units gain +5 in Val, +5 in Def and +5 in Dom during the battle.

Faucon : you are a virtuosis in range attacks, all of your 'Range' units gain +5 in Val, +5 in Def and +5 in Dom during the battle.

Fënris : you are a talented edge master, all of your 'light infantry" units and 'heavy infantry" units gain +5 in Val, +5 in Def and +5 in Dom during the battle.

Lion : your unbreakable courage is your strongest weapon: your Moral can never decrease under 50%, and your troops are never under effects of the Carnaân Würm.

Magyön : an unusual flame is burning in you, and your aura protects your soldiers from pain and injuries: when healing occurs, your power add +200 pts of medics to the pre-existing number, and +10 Xp to the maximum used (but only if they already are medics to do a heal roll)

Rôcre : you are a genius master builder, all of your Defenses gain +4 PV during the battle.

Rogue : you are an infiltrator with legendary skills : your "harasser" units gain a bonus of x2 for all harassing attacks they may do.

<< Specialities and skills SaiHelp Multi-accounts and other rules >>

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