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- What is it about ?

The Irkelemne is a mysterious archipelago, lost in the ocean of Nereds, where are sent some commanders of Sahan, comissionned by their superiors. Strategic islands where the War of Vengeance is as lethal and mercyless as anywhere else on the continent...
In concrete terms, Irkelemne is a special game mode, allowing you to access a new special menu, where you can create or join on of those games on an island, for a closed and limited battle campaign with a limited and known amount of players.

To access this special mode, you need to buy the skill "Missionnary" in the 'Experience' menu..
The cost of this skill is the same as enoblement : (actual rank of player)*250 pts of Xp.

- Create a game

Create a game is quite simple : you just have to click on the "Create a game" button, in the "Irkelemne" menu.
Once in the sub-menu, you will have a taste of all remaining maps available for a new game.
Note : there can be only one game per map. So, if all maps are already used/occupied by a game, you will have to wait for those games to finish to create a new game (but you can always join them, if you want and if possible !).

For each map, you can see number of factions possible, (each map is designed for a precise number of faction) and also the start locations, represent by red circle on the map itself.
You will have to set the minimum and maximum number of players possible, and the time limitation.
Then validate, and your game will be created and pending players !

- Join a game

Join a game is very simple : if you are not engaged in another game, you will be able to see every available and joinable games, in Irkelemne menu.
They are different types of games :
- Pending games : minimum number of players for each faction has not been reached yet. When joining those games, you will have to wait for the game to begin, if you are not the last "minimum player" needed. If you are, the game will start.
- Started games : minimum number of players has been reached, and the game started. Until your faction doesn't reach its maximum number of players, you can join the battle, and will be directly teleport on the battlefield ! (see below sections)
- Complete games : your faction has already reach its maximum number of players. Enemies may have not, but your faction is full. Unless a player of your faction get out of this game, you can't join it.
- External games : on a map limited to two factions, not any of them correspond to your faction. You can't join this game at all.

Note : you can get out very easily of a game if it has not started yet. You can also get out of a game that has began, but you will lose everything you built in this game without compensation.
Note 2 : see following section to understand how it works exactly, when joining a game.

- Starting of the game

A game doesn't start until each faction reach at least his minimum number of players. (define at the creation of the game)

Before the start : if a player join a pending game which as not reach the condition to start, he will be put "in standby". Meaning he will suffer no change to his usual gaming, but will be noted as part of this game. The player can continue to play as he wants during this time.

The start : when the conditions of start has been reached, all players in standby will be automatically teleported on their respective start location on the map (on for each faction), and be set to 28 PM and 150.000 rubis. Start locations are random for each faction, but a start location is specific to its faction, and players will never be surrounded by anything but allies.
As the teleportation is automatic, stay aware of how fast or slow the game you're in is fullfilled with players, to not be caught by surprise when it starts.
Players teleported in game don't lose any of their castles on the continent, it's just a simple teleportation from country to country.

After the start : as players already teleported surely already begin the build, the fight and to organize and communicate between them, it can happen that a faction has not reached is maximum amount of players on this game and map. In that case, any player of this faction able to join this game can do it.
He will be instantly teleported with 28 PM and 150.000 rubis, on the start location of his faction, like the game was just starting, able to join quickly his forces and talents to those of his pairs already fighting there.
In fact, he will just skip the "standby" part !

- Victory : Reset

Games in Irkelemne work the same way as regular countries on continent.
Only change is they are surrounded by water and has no link with other countries, with make them impossible to leave or join on bare feet.
AS in regular countries, a total victory can be obtain, for one faction, by occupying 80% of the constructible zones with castles, to start a classic Reset.
However, those special countries being often much smaller and contested than regular ones, their conquest is easier, so only 1 Points of Reward (PR) is given to victorious players when conquered.

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