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Sections :

- Road point

To move in Saïhan, you just have to click on crosses, on the map, in the "Order of march" menu.
Those crosses are called road points, and represent pathways and locations you can move to.

- PM

PM, or points of manoeuver (also called "points of operations"), are your action points in the game. They are used to move, attack or build.
Each move will cost you a certain amount of PM, depending on the distance from your current location to the chosen road point (from 1 to 6 PM, usually).

- Legend

On the map, you will often see those images.
Cities/Castles (respectively elf, goblyn and wolf).
Armies (respectively elf, goblyn and wolf).
Your avatar, to locate yourself on the map.
Battle in progress.
City/Castle under enemy siege

- Tip message

When you move your cursor over such a picture on the map, a contextual window appears (a "tip message")
Usually, it gives you the available information on this location : city size, present enemies, etc...
If you move over your own avatar, you will sometimes have several choices :
- Build a city, if no enemy army is located there, and of course if no city is already there.
- Enter in a city, if it's one of your own faction, in order to recruit troops or re-supply with food.
- Engage and fight an enemy, if you are on the exact same location of an enemy's army (or "lay siege" if it's an enemy's castle)
- Change country, if you are on the frontier of your sector and on a "limit road point"

  SaiHelp Cities >>

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