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- How to build a city ?

Preliminary note : in this game, a city, a castle and a fortress are the same thing. It's just different names for the same element. Don't be confused.
If you're not on a non-constructible location (rare : desert, swamp...), and if no enemy force is there, you can become master of this place.
To build a city, you need 24 PM and 5000 Rubis.
However, you will benefit of a bonus if your sector is empty of cities of your faction : only 6 PM to build for your first two cities in a sector, 12 PM for the next two, then back to normal with 24 PM to build a new castle.
If you got these ressources and conditions, a tip message will notify you that you can build there (when moving your cursor over your avatar)
You can build at max (your actual rank) * 2 cities, meaning 2 at first, 4 at rank 2, 6 at rank 3, etc...

Note : at the start of the construction, a unit called "intendant" is created. It's a useless unit, only there to significate the existence of the city.

- First steps : buy buildings

At first, your city will be empty (size 0), and you will have to buy buildings in it, in order to make it work and be useful.
To develop your city, go to the "Cities" menu, at the top of your screen, and then select the city to look in.
In a city, the first screen will show you buildings already bought. Click on Acquisition to see all the buildings you still don't have, and can buy.
Note all buildings of the game and of your faction are not listed and reachable immediatly. Click on "Tree" for further info on the "development tree structure" : a table will present you every potential buildings depending on the grade and compendium of your city (see advanced rules) and produced troops.

- Types of building

You see in the acquisition menu that several types of buildings exist :
- Storage buildings, construct and handle automatically, you don't have to bother for now.
- Production buildings, base of the ladder, producing raw materials without consuming anything in return.
- Finition buildings, transforming raw materials stocks in final products stock (weapons, armors, etc...)
- Troops buildings, producing battle units.
- Workshop buildings, producing defenses and siege units, the same way troops buildings produce battle units.

- Upgrade

A building always produce a certain amount of ressources (or troops) in exchange of a certain amount of other ressources.
You can upgrade your buildings in order to make them produce more (and consume more as well, but that's the law of market !)
Upgrading a building cost (price of the building) * 2 power (actual level of the building) rubis.
Example : a building which cost basically 1000 rubis will cost 2000 rubis to upgrade to level 2, 4000 for level 3, 8000 for level 4, etc..

When you upgrade a building, its production is doubled (+100%) and its consumptions go up by +75%
Example : a lumber mill consumes 10 wood to produce 10 manufactured planks. At level 2, it will consume 17 wood to produce 20 manufactured planks.
Note each upgrade (or building acquisition) will bring you 2 xp points.

- Hourly production

Every production and consumption of buildings are given "by hour".
Each hour, your buildings will consume and produce indicated numbers of troops and ressources.
Each city is independant and autonomous, meaning productions and consumptions of city 1 concern only city 1, and those of city 2 concern only city 2 (you can't link it the way you want !).
But for one given commander, the instant of hourly production is the same for all city (look at the top right corner of your screen, "Next turn : xx min xx sec.")
In "Lands of Saïhan", there is no possibility of exchange between cities.
That allow you to keep control of each city separatly, without having to think about a complex logistic system, which you would have to re-think from the base at each destruction or foundation of one of your castle.
A simplified method of economic handling, so...

- Priorities

Buildings are given with a priority, going from 1 to 8 : it represent intervention order when hourly production happen.
Thus, every hour, a city begin by accumulate storage ressources (priority 1), then make work production buildings (priority 2), then transform raw materials with finition buildings (priority 3), and only then begin to produce first troops, defenses or siege units (priority 4, then 5, then 6, etc...)
If you really care about watching your elite school of priority 8, producing perfect troops, you will have to handle your production/consumption hierarchy in order to have enough ressources left when it will be the turn of your elite school to produce !
Priorities are of course thinked to make the more rare units be produced at last, and the more simple and basic stuff produced first, if possible ^^
Globally, best way of having a full-working city is to have a positive production report for every ressources in the statistic table of your city ("Stats" button, side to "Acquisition" button). It will mean you have enough ressource to produce everything, every hour.

- Storage

Every city handle automatically its own storage of ressources.
Storage got a maximum, depending on the city's grade : max storage = (grade * 900) + 700.
It is important to produce and stock enough food (see Combat for more info, "moral" sections), other stocks being used to rebuild your garrison later on (because in fact, we always "theorically" consume more than we produce, but garrison reaching their max don't consume anything more, so stock always ending to grow up, at some point)

- Troop capacity

For "schools"/"troops" and "workshop" buildings, an additionnal characteristic enter the game : troop capacity.
It's the maximum amount of troops this building can host.
A building host only the unit it produces, and that's in fact an alternative "storage" of ressource, working only for each building independantly.
Example : a Daronoan war school produce swordsmen, with a troop capacity of 100 : so there will never be more than 100 swordsmen in this city ("in this city's garrison" or "in this city to be recruited", that's the same).
Capacity is mutiplied by 2 with each upgrade, like production. (but not for defenses, that have a critical point at "800", and then only gain +100, meaning 900, 1000, etc... but that's special rules ^^)
Objective of troop capacity is :
- to limit what a city can contain, in order to not produce indefinitely troops, which would be unrealistic and handicapping for the game in a case of siege.
- to force players to recruit often in their cities, to avoid "losing" potential production of this specific unit, that can takes place only if maximum capacity of this unit is not reach.
- to force the owner to upgrade his units buildings, to not have to wait hours and hours to recruit 500 or 600 swordsmen.

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