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- Grade

Buildings are available to be buy depending on the grade of the city. It just represent the "level" of the city.
Basically, a city is grade 1, letting you buy every buildings requiring grade 1 (every production and finition buildings, and basic troops buildings)
To gain access to new buildings, or upgrade more and more those you have, you need to increase the grade of your city.
To increase the city's grade, you must be in it (same thing as for buying new buildings or upgrading existing ones !)
Grade increase cost 20 PM and (actual grade)*2000 rubis
Example : to increase from grade 1 to grade 2 a city, you need 20 PM and 2000 rubis. For grade 2 to grade 3, 20 PM and 4000 rubis, etc...
You gain (actual grade)*2 Xp when you increase a grade.

- Upgrade : limitations

To avoid unlimited growth of a city, from nothing to unbelievable fortress in one day, you have a limit of upgrades/buying each day, called upgrades count.
Upgrades count is limited to 16 a day, meaning you can buy 16 buildings in a day, or buy 8 buildings and upgrade 8 others, or upgrade 16 buildings, etc...
So, even with massive funds, your city can't grow up in size more than +16 size a day.
In "Stats" panel of a city, actual number of upgrade/buy is indicated.
This number decrease 2 points every 3 hours, meaning the limitation decrease progressively, and let you construct some more from time to time, in order to avoid having to wait a full day each time you reach the limit. All in one, it still makes 16 upgrades maximum a day !

In addition, you can't upgrade a building to a level higher than (grade of the city) +1 for standard buildings, and (grade of the city) +2 for a production buildings.
That means the highest level of all your buildings depends on the grade of the city, which is logical in some way...
Example : at grade 1, a mine could become level 3 maximum, et all other buildings level 2 maximum. At grade 2, mine could be level 4 maximum, and all other buildings level 3, etc...

That forces builders to invest a lot of time, money and attention in a city if they want it to become a great fortress.

In addition to grade and upgrade limitation, troops producing buildings and workshop buildings cannot be upgrade more than level 6, to avoid invincible amount of garrisons/defenses that only froze the game and make fortresses impossible to destroy.

- Suspension

If you want to, you can suspend activity in a building. You're free to spare some consumptions and to avoid some productions anytime you want.
Suspend or resume activity of a building is totally free, and can be modify anytime, anywhere, in your cities.

- Reputation et Builder

Your cities affect two of your characteristics : Reputation and Builder (or "builder rank")
Those two characteristics are update every hour (and not in real time) as follow :
- Reputation is the sum of all levels of all buildings in all your cities, divided by 10.
- Builder is the number of cities you possess.
Note : the sum of all levels of all buildings, in a specific city, is also what we called the size of it.
Example : you possess 2 cities. City number 1 contain 3 buildings (we don't care which ones) of level 2, 2 and 6. City number 2 contain 2 buildings, both level 5. Your "builder" will be 2 (because you got 2 cities) and your "reputation" also 2 (2+2+6+5+5=20, and 20/10=2).

Maximum value of both characteristics is 15. (if you got more than 15 cities or 150 sum levels of buildings, good for you, but that don't change anything)

This two characteristic have a "reduction on prices" purpose, in percent :
- "builder" diminish price of upgrades and acquisition of buildings (with a max of -15% on the cost, so)
- "reputation" diminish price of troops recruitment (with a max of -15% too)
Example : if you got 10% in "builder", and want to buy a new building that cost 1000 rubis, it will then only cost 900.
Nothing impressive at first sight, but think about the gain when you will build cities by dozens, or recruit thousands of warriors for your army !

- Destruction of a building

You can, using the little button with a cross in the description of a building, destroy this building.
A confirmation will always but require.
Destroying a building don't make you gain anything (xp, rubis or else)
Destroying a building cost 6 upgrades, in the daily "maximum upgrades" count.

- Dismantling a city

When a situation become complex, and your city have to be remove for a reason or another, you can choose to destroy it yourself. This is called "dismantling a city".
In order to dismantle a city, you have to click on the "X" button, under the "Enter" one, in the screen showing the list of all your cities (first screen when you click on "Cities" menu button).
A confirmation will be asked.
Dismantling a city cost 90.000 rubis (and don't make you gain anything in exchange), so don't make your mind lightly, this is not a "coming back" choice.
When a city is dismantle, every buildings in it are destroyed, every garrisons, defenses, stocks : all the city is wiped out !
Note : you can't dismantle a city under siege. (you can't steal victory from your enemies, be fair ! ^^)

- Help for colonisation

When you are in a sector where there is no castle of your faction (so an empty map or a sector with only enemy's castles), you have a colonisation help :
- First 2 castles your faction will build there will only cost 6 PM and 5000 Rubis each, instead of 24 PM and 5000 Rubis each.
- Next 2 castles your faction will build there will only cost 12 PM and 5000 Rubis each.
- At the fifth castle, normal cost will apply.

- Abandonment meter

If nobody of your faction (yourself or ally) pass over your castle for a while, an abandonment meter start.
It will increase collateral damages (see collateral damage rules), if enemy besieges it, by "+5 stones consumes/+ 2 PS of damage on a building with each enemy attack" every 10 days of abandonment, with a maximum of 30 days (meaning +15 stones consumes/+6 PS of damage on a building for each attack).
This add to any already existing collateral damage.
If any ally or yourself comes on your castle, the abandonment meter will restart from zero.

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