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- Gain : Xp and Rubies

Each time your troops attacks or counter-attacks with success, they gain 1 xp point (belonging to themselves)
You also gain 1 xp point, in those case. (or the opponent, if he is the one who won the attack)
Your xp and the xp of your troops are not the same : xp of your troops upgrade their rolls, yours can be spend to buy skills and ranks.
You also gain (or opponent, as explained before) as much Rubis as your damage result.
There again, with a good nemesis, you can double your gains ^^
Units can have 60 xp points at maximum. (after that limit, troops happen to be too strong and immortal)

- Leave the combat : harassing units

You will have, sometimes, to leave a battle or a siege before its end, because your troops are all wounded or killed, or because enemies gathering too much troops on your back.
You can do so without any problem : just go in the "Orders of march" menu and move elsewhere on the map.
But... if enemy possess troops of harassing type, you will suffer an automatic and systematic "harassing attack".
Harassing units take away 1(Nbr) supply of your personnal supply, where "Nbr" is the total number of harassing troops in every enemy armies on your location. (PV aren't used in this case, just Nbr).
Harassing attacks happen even if you just pass and don't stop on a location with enemy armies containing harassing units, it the action of moving from a point with harassing units that activate this special attack !
Note : harassing attack can happen either you have an army or not.

- Victory !

If you destroy the last enemy unit, of the city or of every enemy armies on your location, you will claim victory, fault to a lack of opponents to fight with.
Note : as enemy commanders are "virtual" and can't be destroy, we just taking count of armies and units.
Gain for such a victory are :
- you gain (rank of enemy)*2 xp points, (rank of enemy)*200 rubis, and your moral is put at 100%, if it was not already.
- in a case of an enemy city's victory, replace "(rank of enemy)" by "(city size)/5" (city size being the sum of all buildings levels, see Cities)
- all ally commanders present on the location at the exact moment of victory will have the same gain, but divided by 4 (in order to avoid "victory stealing" behavior), except for moral that come back to 100% for every one.

For a enemy city's victory, all buildings will be destroyed, and the city as well. War is not only about offensive attacks, but also about defending your faction's possessions ! Those who forget that lose castles...

- Defeat !

In a situation of defeat, meaning all your units are totally killed on the battlefield, your moral will decrease instantly by 25%.
Remind : moral cannot go downer than 15%.
As you are, yourself, "virtual" and so immortal, you are not affected personnaly by the defeat (except from the moral diminution) : you will be on the same location, without army, and invisible.
You will just have to come back to a castle of your faction, to gather and recruit fresh new units, and get back in the battle.

- Heal : medic units

During battle, if you or your ally possess "medic" type units, damages inflicted by enemies will systematically be reduced.
The "heal" is automatic, and happen at each attack. All medic units of the same race as you present on the same location are grouped and used in this heal.
The "heal" reduce enemy damages by 1d(10+Xp/3) % , "Xp" being here the best Xp score among medic units used. (so 60 Xp at max)
This calculation happens only of (Nbr*PV) of gathered medics is superior to (Nbr*PV) of the healed unit.
If not, reduction of damages will be 1d(10*(Nbr*PV medics)/(Nbr*PV healed unit) %.
Minimum heal is 1%.
Meaning, in simplify terms, that you will reduce enemy damages between 1% and 30% at each attack, if attacked unit is smaller than the one of healers, and between 1% and 10% if not.

Logically, healing roll is random, and efficiency of your healers will depend on their numbers.
Xp of medics are also an important part of this heal, as you see it : the more your medics heal, the more good they are for it !
All healers units gain +1 xp points each time they are used to do a heal. (with a maximum of 60 Xp, like regular troops)

Note : the heal happens after potential multiplication of damages due to nemesis, but before minima readjustement (id.est : a unit attacking an enemy with the right nemesis will always do at least 1 wounded among enemy unit, even if heals can reduce maximum critical damages inflicted)
Note 2 : medics and heal work the same way for enemies, or whem counter-attacked !

- Completing a unit

When you recruit some units, they're add to the existing troops of the same name, if you already got them.
But experience of existing units will be diminish, because of this mix with fresh and naive newcomers.
Loss of Xp on a unit when you add troops to it is calculate as follow :
- We call "Nbr1" the amount of "old" existing troops, and "Nbr2" the amount of newcomers of the same name, and simply "Xp" xp points of old troops.
- So the loss equals to Nbr2*Xp/Nbr1
In real terms, if you double the amount of troops in a unit, you loss every existing Xp. If you add half of actual number, you loss half of gained xp, 1/3 of newcomers do 1/3 of loss xp, 1/4 for 1/4, etc...

But if recruited troops had xp points, this one is taken into account in calculation: done work is not lost !
Wounded value are taken into account the same way.

- Releasing a unit

In the "Forces" menu, you can release a unit, meaning suppress it from your army, by piece or entirely. (in order to spare some supply consumption, for example)
Click on the "X" at side of a unit to see the release option.
Choose the number of troops to be release, and click on 'ok' to confirm.
Note : if you release units on top of an ally's castle which produce that kind of units, they will join the actual garrison (if not already at its max).
Note 2 : release units don't bring nor cost anything, and don't make the rest of them lose xp.

- Feeders

The type of some units is "feeders".
They work like any other unit, except they have an additionnal effect on the game (like medics or harassing units, for example) : they give an automatic (but limited) supply each hour.
In concrete terms, they don't "create" or increase your supply, but will diminish your usual hourly consumption, as long as they are present and alive in your army, with this formula :
Hourly reduction = 3 * (number of feeders in your army)/10.
(to be compared with hourly consumption : (army size)/10 )

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